25th February 2019

Uzbekistan Issues New 100,000 Soʻm Banknote with RAPID®

The Central Bank of Uzbekistan has issued a new 100,000 soʻm banknote with RAPID micro-optics from Crane Currency. It represents the country’s third banknote with RAPID as the primary security feature. The other two notes, the 10,000 and 50,000 soʻm, were introduced in March and August 2017.

The theme of the new banknote is devoted to the activities of the Uzbek scientist Mirzo Ulugbek and his achievements in astronomy. The banknote with the size of 144 x 78 mm is made on special protected durable paper.

The windowed micro-optic RAPID® security thread is 5 mm wide. It has a 3D effect in the right side of the banknote, which emerges onto the surface of the banknote.

When viewed through the light, the security thread looks like it is solid. At any angle banknotes images on the thread have the effect of movement.