28th February 2023

Ukraine Presents Commemorative Banknote

The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has presented a new commemorative banknote dedicated to the struggle of Ukraine against the Russian invasion. The new commemorative 20 hryvnia banknote was put into circulation on February 23, 2023. It has a bright and expressive vertical design and includes MOTION SURFACE®, a modern 12 mm wide micro-optic security stripe from Crane Currency, showing a 3D optical-variable effect when the note is tilted.


Since the earliest days of its founding, the National Bank of Ukraine has been a valued customer and trusted partner of Crane Currency. Crane Currency is proud to have been invited to work with the Bank to create a unique MOTION SURFACE micro-optic security feature for the new Ukraine commemorative banknote which uses dynamic moving effects to celebrate the courage and resilience of the Ukrainian people.


The commemorative note also contains security elements of the current nominal series – a multi-tone watermark and a light watermark element, see-through element, optically variable elements OVI and SPARK, relief images, in particular an element for people with impaired vision, microtexts and elements visible in ultraviolet, and machine-readable infrared and magnetic properties.


The main image of the front side of the commemorative banknote is the figures of three Ukrainian soldiers raising the State Flag of Ukraine against the background of fragments of the map of Ukraine and the flags of countries that support Ukraine.


Click here for more information about the commemorative note.


Image source: National Bank of Ukraine