8th September 2020

The Philippines Replace Colorshift Thread with RAPID® Detect from Crane Currency


Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) has upgraded its banknote series with new security features. The highest denomination, the 1000-Piso, has been enhanced with a 5 mm wide RAPID® Detect security thread from Crane Currency, replacing the previous 4 mm colorshift thread.

The BSP banknote denominations are reduced to 5; 1000, 500, 200, 100 and 50 Piso, (the 20-Piso has been converted to a coin). The banknotes retain the substrate and design – including the central bank logo, iconic figures, Philippine natural wonders and fauna. The improvements can instead be found within the security features which put the national banknotes in line with global best practices and after the diligent evaluation by the BSP of recommendations from currency experts.

With the enhanced 1,000-Piso, the Philippines joins the nearly 50 central banks that have chosen Crane Currency’s micro-optic security technology.

Highest Public Security and Invisible IR Machine Readability

BSP conducts a Public Bidding for all their requirements of Outsourced Finished Banknotes. After a transparent and thorough evaluation of the different security threads proposed to BSP, Crane Currency was honored to pass the evaluation likewise be approved to supply the  very  first requirement of 1000-Piso Enhanced New Generation Currency with Tactile Marks. The 5 mm wide RAPID Detect security thread addresses the central bank’s needs for both the highest public security and machine-readability.

The secure IR properties of RAPID Detect are invisible to the eye, but can easily be verified by banknote processing equipment used throughout the cash processing ecosystem – from high speed sorters to bill validators and acceptors. The Detect material allowed for the removal of a secondary magnetic security thread. Detect can be paired with either MOTION® or RAPID® security threads.

The RAPID security thread’s movement effects are created using imagery customized to the central bank’s requirements and can be verified easily and quickly by the public at all angles and lighting conditions.