30th March 2020

Recognizing a National Heroine in the Time of COVID-19


The Central Bank of Tunisia has issued a new TND 10 banknote featuring a portrait of Dr. Tawhida Ben Cheikh (1909-2010), Tunisia’s first female medical doctor. Dr. Ben Cheikh practiced as a physician, pediatrician, as well as a gynecologist and was the founder of Tunisia’s first family planning clinic. It is noteworthy that the TND 10 banknote is believed to be the first in the world to feature a female doctor.

The Central Bank has used the issuance of its historic banknote to honor the women of Tunisia and importantly healthcare workers worldwide. This tribute could not be more timely.

Since before the banknote’s issuance on March 27, over one hundred and fifty countries have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Across these many nations, medical and healthcare workers have and continue to mobilize to treat the ill, pursue cures and advocate the steps to impede the spread of the virus. These tireless and selfless professionals are being drawn not only from the ranks of the world’s full time health and medical professionals and caregivers, but also from the recently graduated, the retired, even the world’s emergency and armed forces.

By using its new banknote to pay tribute to the world’s caregivers, the Central Bank of Tunisia reminds us of the sacrifices these individuals shoulder, both during this time of global pandemic but also during our times of individual need.


Click here to read the statement from the Central Bank of Tunisia (in French). 

Click here to read more about the banknote features (in French).