27th February 2024

National Bank of Kazakhstan – a Vision of Security, Efficiency and Progress


In November 2023, the National Bank of Kazakhstan unveiled a new series of six banknotes, ranging from 500 to 20,000 tenge. Drawing inspiration from the Saka style, known for its distinctive motifs and patterns found in archaeological artifacts and artworks of the Saka culture, the 5,000 tenge denomination was introduced into circulation in December 2023 having new and advanced security features.


Notably, the 5,000 tenge banknote boasts two global firsts: an optically variable RollingStar® patch from G+D and a RAPID® Vision multicolor micro-optic security thread from Crane Currency.


These new features have been included in a new banknote design of a reduced size to not only enhance security but also production efficiency and reduced environmental impacts.


Blending Cutting-Edge Security with Traditional Printing

The 5,000 tenge incorporates cutting-edge technologies in banknote manufacturing, seamlessly blending the latest security elements with traditional methods such as offset and high relief intaglio printing.



The integration of the multicolor micro-optic security thread RAPID Vision into the paper substrate creates a never-before-seen complement of intaglio and offset print with a dynamic, multicolor movement effect. Tilting the banknote produces dynamic effects of red and blue motifs, a moving wave of red imagery seamlessly changes to blue patterns.


Multicolor Movement is Faster and Easier to Authenticate

The advantages of the multicolor movement effects offer more than just beauty. As has been shown by Secure Perception Research Ltd (SPR), the currency industry’s most well-established specialists in banknote public perception testing. SPR’s study (SPR, J. Raymond 2023) demonstrated that multicolor movement effects provide a 150-millisecond improvement in authentication speed compared to single-color movement effects.


Using sophisticated eye tracking equipment and structured interviews to gauge public preferences, the study found that multicolor effects directly connect with both the feature’s visual appeal as well as a significant measurable increase in ease of use.


Increased Interest in Smart Sizing

Analysis by the National Bank of banknote sizes globally underscored the practical advantages of the new design which is 10% smaller in size. The size reduction allowed the National Bank of Kazakhstan’s Banknote Factory to include more banknotes per sheet of printing to drive up production efficiencies and reduce materials, energy and ultimately CO2 emissions.


With such notable innovations, increases in production efficiency and security, the industry will be eager to see the next new banknotes in this modern series.