7th December 2020

Mexico Issues New 1,000 Pesos Banknote with RAPID®


Banco de México has issued a new 1,000 Pesos banknote as part of an upgraded family of banknotes. It is the country’s highest denomination and features RAPID®, the micro-optic security thread from Crane Currency that ensures maximum security and quick public authentication.

The central bank of Mexico was an early adopter of Crane Currency’s micro-optic technology, with four denominations issued since in 2006 which featured MOTION®. The bank has been working on the new banknote series since 2013 and an important aspect has been enhanced security and increased public acceptance and authentication.

The 4 mm RAPID security thread includes easily verified 3D movement effects when the banknote is tilted.

The new 1,000 Pesos banknote is designed to represent Mexico’s historical and natural heritage.  It includes the images of Carmen Serdán, Hermila Galindo and Francisco I Madero, in recognition of the Mexican Revolution.


Click here for more information about the new 1,000 peso banknote on the Banco de México web site.