24th September 2021

Inspirational House Notes – Genuine Works of Art to Demonstrate Creativity and Complexity


Banknote printers and substrate suppliers around the world take great pride in creating concept notes to showcase their technical capabilities and latest features. They are often called house notes and Crane Currency’s Design Team has been able to create an average of one new house note every year – including the astonishing “World in MOTION”, the first fully micro-optic banknote.

House notes are genuine works of art, integrating multiple levels and layers of design and security that demonstrate creativity and complexity – often far beyond that normally seen in circulating banknotes.

“The Crane Design Team sees itself more as architects and product designers than creators of a banknote aesthetic. This is an ongoing evolution of mindset and skill and comes with the emergence of new and exciting technologies, and the ongoing collection and application of experience,” says Karin Mörck-Hamilton, Director of Global Design at Crane Currency.

Currency News has created a special supplement on house and concept notes, including three inspirational house notes from Crane Currency. Click here to read more.