15th February 2021

Five NGOs receive a total of USD25,000 from Crane Currency Nashua


Crane Currency in Nashua, New Hampshire, closed off the year 2020 with a donation of USD25,000 from its Crane Fund, shared between five Nashua-based NGOs and charitable organizations.

The donation comes from the Crane Fund for Widows and Children – a global initiative to charitable organizations that provide direct assistance to underserved populations in the communities where Crane operates. Each Crane site is encouraged to nominate the causes they wish to support, and these are approved by a selected committee within Crane Currency.

The following NGOs each received a USD5,000 donation from the Crane Currency Nashua team:


The Crane Fund for Widows and Children touches the lives of many through its donations. “Many of these organizations play a critical role within their community in ensuring that vulnerable people who are passing through hardships find avenues that could support them to live a humane life and guide them to achieve a better and more independent future. COVID-19 also brought new social and financial struggles for many, and I’m proud of our Nashua team who sought to help bring some joy to many individuals through the donations,” commented Michael Duffy, Director of Operations, Nashua, New Hampshire and Alpharetta, Georgia

Crane Currency honors the principle of sustainability throughout its operations, and adheres to conducting business in a way that is sustainable and contributes to the communities in which it operates.

More information about The Crane Fund for Widows and Children can be found here.


Donation presented to Fueled By Kids – Joe Mikol, Kate Mikol, Hannah Mikol, Donna Bowie


Donation presented to the Front Door Agency – Maryse Wirhal, Mike Duffy