5th January 2021

Denmark Upgrades its 500-kroner Banknote with RAPID®


The central bank of Denmark (Danmarks Nationalbank) has issued an upgraded 500-kroner banknote. The upgraded banknote has a similar design to existing banknotes but has moved the security features such as a 5 mm RAPID® micro-optic security thread from Crane Currency to the front of the note for easier and quicker public authentication.

The 500-kroner banknote is the first upgrade of the entire series of banknotes and the remaining denominations will be issued in the coming years. All notes will have RAPID security threads to ensure maximum public security and quick authentication.

In 2009, Denmark was one of the first countries to adopt MOTION® micro-optics from Crane Currency. All five denominations were equipped with a 4 mm MOTION micro-optic security thread on the back of the banknote.

The wider RAPID security thread on the front of the upgraded 500-kroner banknote provides the public with a unique and secure movement effect that can be verified quickly in all lighting conditions. The upgraded banknote has also been optimized for machine verification.

The ongoing upgrade of banknotes is the result of Danmarks Nationalbank’s decision in 2014 to close its printing works and outsource the printing of banknotes. The existing banknotes will remain valid and circulate in parallel with the upgraded notes.

Click here for more information about the new 500-kroner banknote in Denmark.