9th November 2018

Crane Currency Prints its One Billionth Banknote at its Malta Facility

Crane Currency has printed its one billionth banknote at its Malta facility – only 10 months after the start of production in December 2017.

“This has been no mean feat! Printing banknotes involves complex and exacting processes. From start to finish, each banknote takes around four weeks to print and requires the precise co-ordination of over 350 employees. We’re thrilled that we have managed to print our billionth banknote in under 10 months. This has been a tremendous achievement. We’re thrilled by the whole team’s commitment to quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness,” said John Scott, Director of Operations at Crane Currency Malta.

Crane’s Malta facility is the first commercial banknote printing facility to be built in several decades and marks a historic milestone in the company’s 200+ year history.

The new facility offers the latest in printing equipment and technology to support the most demanding central bank requirements.