6th April 2021

Crane Currency Malta supports NGO YMCA Malta


Earlier this year, Crane Currency Malta made a donation of USD5,000 to NGO YMCA Malta.

The donation comes from the Crane Fund for Widows and Children – a global initiative to charitable organizations that provide direct assistance to underserved populations in the communities where Crane operates. Each Crane site is encouraged to nominate the causes they wish to support, and these are approved by a selected committee within Crane Currency.

Anthony Camilleri, CEO of YMCA Malta said that it was a pleasure to meet with the Crane Malta team earlier this year, and extended his heartfelt thanks to Crane Currency for their financial donation that helps tremendously in times such as these, where most fundraising events have had to be cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions.

“The financial donation provided by Crane Fund for Widows and Children has supported us in times of crisis and uncertainty brought by COVID-19. This has encouraged us to continue giving our services despite difficulties we were facing”, said Mr. Camilleri. In the past two years, YMCA Malta has seen over 1,500 cases of homelessness referred to them.

YMCA Malta has been operating on the islands for the past 45 years advocating and promoting social justice by providing several services to the vulnerable and the neediest. Presently, YMCA has two residential facilities ‘Dar Niki Cassar’ catering for 34 homeless individuals, families, and children and ‘Y Communal Home’ catering for 14 beds per night whereby families are provided with ‘Programm Kisbet Serhan’ on a semi-independent living until they are completely able to move back into independent living.

The Crane Fund for Widows and Children seeks to make a difference within the community. “The Crane Fund is just one of the charitable initiatives within our mother company, Crane Co. Our teams come together to suggest NGOs and initiatives they feel merit our help, and we are more than happy and grateful to be able to assist ones such as YMCA Malta who do so much valuable work within our community,” says John Scott, Head of Operations, Crane Currency Malta.

Crane Currency honor the principle of sustainability throughout their operations, and adhere to conducting business in a way that is sustainable and contributes to the communities in which they operate.

More information about The Crane Fund for Widows and Children can be found here.


Donation being presented to Mr. Anthony Camilleri, CEO YMCA Malta, who presented Crane Currency with a token of appreciation.