22nd December 2020

Crane Currency Malta makes donations to two local NGOs

Fondazzjoni Sebħ and Dr. Klown each receive USD 5,000


Earlier this year, Crane Currency Malta made a donation of USD 5,000 to each of two NGOs in Malta: Fondazzjoni Sebħ and Dr. Klown.

The donation comes from the Crane Fund for Widows and Children – a global initiative to charitable organizations that provide direct assistance to underserved populations in the communities where Crane operates. Each Crane site is encouraged to nominate the causes they wish to support, and these are approved by a selected committee within Crane Currency.

Dr. Klown is an NGO, active in Mater Dei Hospital (Malta), that provides hospitalized children with distraction and stress relief through fun and laughter.

Fondazzjoni Sebħ is an NGO that manages a number of children’s homes, domestic violence shelters as well as family and community services.

Ms. Mallia, Director of Fondazzjoni Sebħ, thanked Crane Currency for their generous donation and the support offered to Fondazzjoni Sebħ. “The Foundation depends on the support of various organizations and individuals to be able to offer a high quality service to children and families receiving its service. Through the Crane Currency donation, Fondazzjoni Sebħ will be installing CCTVs in one of its residences, to ensure the children are safe at all times. In addition, the donation will also go towards funding of an indoor and outdoor therapy and activity area for children residing in our shelter which provides a therapeutic residential service to women survivors of violence and their children. Children in these situations experience violence directly or as witnesses to the violence against their mother, leaving a psychological impact on the children. Through this donation we will offer children a safe therapeutic space to work on and recover from the impact of their traumatic experiences.”

The Crane Fund for Widows and Children touches the lives of many through its donations. “The Crane Fund is one of the charitable initiatives within our mother company, Crane Co. It is a reminder of just how privileged we are, and the importance to continue to support local initiatives wherever our company operates,” says John Scott, Head of Operations, Crane Currency Malta.

Crane Currency honor the principle of sustainability throughout their operations, and adhere to conducting business in a way that is sustainable and contributes to the communities in which they operate.

More information about The Crane Fund for Widows and Children can be found here.


Donation being presented to Mr. Muscat, President of Dr. Klown, by Sam Keayes, President of Crane Currency, in August this year.

Donation being presented to the Fondazzjoni Sebh last month: Mariella Marinkovic (Director of HR International), Stephanie Catania, Yvonne Mallia, Amanda Muscat and Melanie Seychell.