7th January 2019

Crane Currency Malta Achieves the Highest Intergraf ISO Certification

Crane Currency Malta has recently achieved the highest level of ISO certification, the Intergraf ISO 14298:2013 (Management of Security Printing Processes), by passing a rigorous audit. ISO 14298:2013 is an international standard that specifies requirements for an organization’s security management system, published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Counterfeiting is a serious and critical issue for security printers, end users and authorities. Intergraf developed standards for security printers and their suppliers in cooperation with representatives from standardization organizations and industry experts to contribute to the fight against fraud.

Intergraf’s certifications have been a recognized reference for governments and industries to rely on in the area of essential security management procedures. Certification is only possible if an organization has established a security management system that complies with the description of the Intergraf Certification Requirements, in which there are three (3) levels of security printing.

These levels are Non-Governmental Level (NG), Governmental Level (G) and Central Banks (CB), i.e. printers supplying central banks or credit card issuing authorities and ID or passport personalization centers.

Crane Currency Malta has achieved the highest level – the Central Banks level.