28th January 2020

Cayman Islands Issues Commemorative Note Featuring RAPID® Detect


Cayman Islands Monetary Authority has issued a $1 commemorative banknote featuring the RAPID® Detect windowed thread as the primary security feature and printed on the durable banknote paper ENDURANCE™. The banknote also represents the second commercial banknote with RAPID Detect – the acknowledged machine-readable technology from Crane Currency.

The new dollar bill features a logo commemorating the 60th anniversary of Cayman Islands’ constitution. It was announced by Premier Alden McLaughlin at the National Heroes’ Day celebrations on January 27 in George Town, which honored those who worked on Cayman Islands’ first written Constitution, along with women’s continuous contribution to local politics.

The 4 mm-wide RAPID Detect micro-optic purple security thread demonstrates a dynamic wave effect when the note is tilted.

RAPID Detect is a natural complement to human authentication of banknotes and builds on a modern, IR-based approach for machine verification. It creates a highly secure combination of an IR light or transparent material from the micro-optics and an IR dark feature – invisible to the eye but visible in IR.

ENDURANCE paper builds on centuries of paper making knowledge. With a deep understanding of raw material selection and processing, Crane Currency builds a strong foundation of cotton fibers infused with AST®, a chemical impregnation that provides additional physical strength and soil and moisture resistance.